How did you fail to make someone happy?

Just cause I suck…

I always try so hard

No matter how hard I try to make someone happy I always fail…

Anyone wanna rp?
So you domt any more pics? And what about a schoolgirl kitty?

Um no I dont do anymore im actually getting married soon so I need to be a proper wife ^///^

Oh i remember seeing you before. Your a cutiee. I think i knew you in tinier o.o

Aww man TM tinierme


Give me something to do or draw or help me get more followers damn theres not enough action on here flutters wants friends to draw for… sniff sniff

This is page two of my comic I am going to try and redo page one but page two is very too my liking if you like it please reblog it helps… flutters loves you

Whats your other blog?:3

It was a blog with onlympictures of me

Oh shit…

Boob hug from flutters

Boob hug from flutters